And the founder Kristen Koo

I like all things quirky, pretty and cute – Qooki is my alter ego; a web name I have been using since 2005 at my online art gallery.

Here at Qooki, I sell products that I like – tried and tested, and now recommended! Make no mistake that I would think that everyone would like the things that I fancy, but it’s just good to know that these are not just junk.

When I was a student in the States, I used to be able to get e.l.f. cosmetics so easily & so affordably, I miss that since I moved to NZ to join my partner – now husband. I know many people who love their products as well, that’s because they come in a good variety, in good quality and mostly in very good prices! So, I thought I’d bring them in and share them with you here!

Did I also say that I recently got married? I was a DIY bride, and while I made a few things myself, I also looked up to buy a few things that just took too much time to make, but I couldn’t find them here in NZ! I started buying from Etsy (pricey by the way) and other online avenue that are not NZ based. It wasn’t easy, it required advanced planning, making sure everything I need is bought ahead of time so that if anything doesn’t come right I could still get it replaced. Now, why should any bride who has so much on her plate need to worry about these logistics? Well, I may have some of these products that may help relief some of your headaches, so come on in and look around to see if any of these products would be what you are looking for –>

Heel Stopper/Protector will come in very handy for the bride and bridesmaids in a lovely garden wedding, no more awkward heels sinking into the grass =)

If you need to get some suspenders & cool, trendy, hipster-ish bow ties, check out our Men Accessories.

And of course, I like the rustic, vintage themed weddings, we’re in NZ! Check some of these accent out in Wedding Decos.

Also! if any of you bride to be are thinking or looking for a videographer, you’re in luck! my husband, Jeff is a professional videographer and makes wonderful and memorable wedding videos, book him now at White Monkey Videos . In case you were wondering, he didn’t film our wedding, but he edited it and you could watch it in White Monkey’s Cinema – you’ll know which one’s us!

Happy Shopping!